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By David J. Wadas, DDS, PLLC
June 27, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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As one of the major focal points of the face, the teeth tend to take priority when it comes to oral health care, and rightfully so. A damaged laser dentistryor discolored set of teeth can cause a great deal of embarrassment and anxiety, and even interfere with nutrition and speech in many cases. The gums don't usually get as much attention until there's a problem like bleeding, an infection, or noticeable recession. Otherwise, most people prefer that the gums remain neatly and cooperatively out of sight (no one wants a "gummy" smile, after all).

But the gums play a vital role in oral as well as general health, and can hold clues to potential risks and dangers to the teeth, as well as to our overall health. In fact, in addition to gum disease, oral bacteria related to periodontitis has been linked to an increased risk of complications related to serious illnesses like diabetes, stroke, and cardiac disease. As such, preventing gum disease and maintaining oral hygiene should be an important component of a total health and wellness plan.

Early Detection with Laser Dentistry in Portage

Like all tissue, cells, and organs in the body, the early signs of gum disease and oral cancer are usually invisible to the naked eye, and can be hard to miss until they are more advanced and begin to produce symptoms. To help address this problem, Dr. David Wadas, a dentist in Portage, MI is taking advantage of medical laser technology to offer patients more thorough and precise dentistry services. Dental lasers can be used to both diagnose early stage cancer cells and tooth decay, as well as to treat common oral health problems like canker sores, ulcers, and even small cavities. Lasers offer dentists a degree of control and precision that can make common procedures, like drilling for cavities, less invasive.

Laser Dentistry in Portage

For more information on how laser dentistry works, and whether you can benefit from it, contact Dr. David Wadas, by calling (269) 323-1802 to schedule an appointment today.