What Kind Of Denture Is Right For You?
By David J. Wadas, DDS, PLLC
April 27, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dentures  

If you're missing all or several of your teeth, you may have considered dentures but want to know more about them. At the dental office of Dr. David Wadas in Portage, MI, you have several options for replacing your natural teeth. We offer the two main types of dentures: full and partial. Both implements consist of porcelain teeth attached to a plastic gum-colored base, but they serve different purposes. Full Denturesdentures are for people who are missing all the natural teeth on one or both gum ridges (upper and lower). Partial dentures fill in spaces where only a few teeth are missing. Within both of these types of dentures, your dentist offers a variety of choices. Find out more here.

Full Dentures

Full dentures have three different styles that your Portage dentist will help you choose, based on your dental health and your budget.

Temporary dentures are often used as a means of adjusting to the feel of dentures. They aren't usually made to fit perfectly, but they do help Dr. Wadas' patients transition to the more precisely-designed permanent dentures styles, the first being conventional full dentures. These are crafted from a series of measurements of the mouth, and fit over the gum ridges using a combination of suction and an adhesive paste that your dentist will recommend.

After wearing temporary dentures, you may find that you want more stability in your restorations. In these cases, Dr. Wadas may recommend implant-supported dentures. These dentures are held in place with two or more dental implants that fasten to their base.

Partial Dentures

For those patients who still have natural teeth remaining, dentists often recommends partial dentures as a way to fill in the gaps and make eating, taking and smiling easier. You may start with a transitional plastic partial, which have sections cut out to fit around your natural teeth. They can serve as a space maintainer for dental implants or other restorations, or can be used in the same manner as temporary full dentures.

The permanent partials, called removable partial dentures, are lighter-weight and more durable than plastic dentures. They typically have metal clasps in order to attach them to the natural teeth.

We here at Dr. David Wadas' dental office know that this information can be overwhelming. You can be assured that whatever style of denture you need, your Portage, MI dentist will help you make the best decision.

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